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A Dynamic 2D Sky with Scene Lighting

EDNA is designed for some particularly low-end hardware, which means we can’t do a tonne with our lighting.

I still wanted to have some nice lighting effects in the prototype level, so I created a little script which hooked into my skybox shader and the default scene gradient lighting to sync them in real time.

I added a little custom inspector that allows you to control both elements at once. It everything from this script, allowing for the scene lighting to be changed quickly over time while staying consistent.

In the EDNA prototype I added a second set of colours and some values for distance, which make the scene lighting change as the player moves through the world.

This could be controlled through whatever method you like, for example animations, or as part of a day/night cycle.

The skybox material maps a vertical gradient in screen-space to imply the existence of a horizon. This looks really weird in 3D, but with a fixed perspective works really well.


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