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An Early EDNA Prototype

Early on in EDNA’s development the artistic direction was significantly more complex than it’s current state. Early concepts involved an overworld populated by a series of Pikmin-like critters that you collect as you moved between islands and completed tasks.

The Square world, featuring a prototype UI highlighting method.

Toward this concept, I developed a series of prototypes, with the “Triangle World” being the most complete (There’s a short video below).

Each world was based on one of the physical shape controllers and had a different theme. These worlds would have been generated procedurally, so I created a series of tools allowing for rapid development of environments.

I also created some scripts to update the navmesh dynamically as the scene changes, basic AI behavior for the critters; and extended some asset store tools to fit the project. Most notably I made significant additions to the Dreamtek Splines addon to dynamically create jump points between the stepping stone paths for the critters to jump across, among other small tweaks.


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