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Paint Wars

Paint Wars is a game I made in 2020 with my colleague Ross Eldridge, who designed and coded the initial prototype. I created the majority of the art and helped refine the design in later stages.

The game is for 2 to 4 players to be played on a large touchscreen table. Each player stands at one corner and uses a similar physical object to the ones used in EDNA.


The object is used to steer their rocket around the screen to spread their colour of paint and avoid obstacles to create a path for a target object to reach their corner. There are a series of enemies that complicate the situation by interfering with the paint and objects to add some extra wrinkles to the gameplay.

I’ve included a brief gameplay clip below which showcases a variety of the enemies in the game included the Black Hole and Plasma Ball enemies.

(Please Note: This footage is from a version I hacked together to be playable by one person with a controller, so it’s not fully representative of the complete experience. Also I am not good at controlling 4 ships at a time!)


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